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What is NLP?


NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is the name for the set of mind-tools originally developed roughly 40 years ago as an alternative psychology. It has morphed into an extraordinary approach to change that makes people function better at whatever they do.


NLP in therapy and coaching

In a therapeutic context, NLP is used as an extraordinary effective means to change the way people deal with problems and find solutions and lift them from states of helplessness to empowerment. NLP is used to break phobias, change people’s perceptions, increase confidence, reducing and eliminate anxiety, procrastination and enhance motivation as well as countless other well-being related personal change areas.

NLP in business

Pretty much any sales training, leadership training and business/sports coaching that is presented today will have taken significant elements from NLP. It is used in sales environments and major businesses to give teams the edge and help them move through the cycles of business including negative down turns effectively.

NLP in sports

Most top athletes either knowingly or otherwise will be using elements of NLP to enhance their mental states and performance. If you have ever seen an Olympic athlete standing at the blocks before a race, getting themselves intensely calm, and then squeezing their wrist with the other hand? If you have, you
now know they were using NLP


Adapt and thrive, emotionally and physically

NLP is a highly effective tool, that can be used to re-train your neurons for an infinite number of possibilities.

For example;

  • Would you like to wake up every day even more excited and into life than you were the day before?

  • Do you want to take control of emotions and learn to be a more confident person?

  • Do you want to finally have the owner’s manual to your brain?

  • Do you want to become more optimistic, motivated and driven to go after the things that you want in life?

  • Would you like to feel a deep, unshakable sense of your own worth?

  • Do you wish that you were a more effective communicator at work and in personal relationships?

  • Do you want to be able to eliminate phobias and anxieties easily and quickly?

  • Would you like to move through apathy, the blues and depressed states and into feeling alive and happy?


You and NLP

You can book in for a pure NLP session, or we can use it with Hypnotherapy and Coaching. At the end of the day you will have a specific outcome in mind and we will use NLP together to achieve that outcome.

This will normally take 3 sessions.

NLP is forward focused, incredibly empowering and positive and often works where other approaches have failed.

It is powerful, safe and often a lot of fun.

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