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I'm Sarah Buckle, and at my Psychotherapy and Counseling practice, my mission is to empower women to rebuild their lives after facing life's most significant challenges.


I'm dedicated to guiding you towards clarity, confidence and control, so you can recover quickly and efficiently from life's cruel setbacks and return to enjoying your life focused on what truly matters.

Sarah Buckle

By the time a new client sees me, they've usually spent a lot of time, money, and tears trying to resolve their problem. My personal mission is to get my client at least some relief, from their very first session.

How I differ from your traditional psychologist...



Unlike traditional psychology, I'm not here to teach you how to 'cope' with life's challenges. My singular goal is to facilitate your 'cure', not just symptom management. With an impressive 98% success rate in resolving issues like anxiety, panic attacks, and post-traumatic stress in as few as one to three sessions, I save you time and energy, allowing you to return to the activities you love quickly.



One of my significant differentiators is my unwavering commitment to trauma-informed care. I recognize the distinctive needs and experiences of those who have encountered trauma. My goal is to empower you to foster resilience and regain your well-being. I provide a secure environment where you can effectively resolve past traumas without the risk of retraumatization.


In contrast to traditional psychology, I don't advocate for methods such as 'talk therapy,' 'exposure therapy,' or 'CBT.' These approaches often reinforce traumatic experiences within the brain's neural pathways rather than facilitating genuine recovery.



While psychologists typically focus on helping individuals organize their 'conscious thoughts,' my specialized training in Neuro-linguistic Programming, Transformative Counseling, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy, and other modalities equips me to address trauma, anxiety, and panic attacks at a deeper level—within your subconscious.

Specifically, I target the limbic system, where your 'fight, flight, freeze' response is stored. This enables us to access and heal the core of your emotional challenges, going beyond the surface to create lasting transformations.



In contrast to rigid adherence to standardized therapeutic methods, I prioritize your individual needs and preferences. You have the autonomy to select the techniques that resonate with you, enabling your active engagement in your healing process. Furthermore, I maintain adaptability during our sessions. Should I observe that our current approach is not yielding the desired outcomes, I will present a range of alternative solutions to better serve your well-being. Your journey to healing is uniquely yours, and I am committed to making it a personalized and effective experience.

I have been trained in ‘critical point analysis’. Which simply means;
to identify the most important part of solution, that will create the
most significant change in the most efficient time-frame.

Sarah Buckle posing

As a Psychotherapist and Counsellor, I've received training from leading experts in modern psychology and have gained qualifications in various therapeutic approaches, including:

  • Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

  • Transformative Counselling

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy

  • Timeline Therapy

  • Hypno-analysis

  • Mindset Coaching

  • Success Coaching

While you're free to choose any specific techniques you'd like me to use, or not use,  it's important to note that each of our brains are completely unique. That's why I tailor every session to your individual personality, strengths, and life experiences.

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