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What is Hypno Analysis?


You may have a feeling that there is something from your past that is holding you back. If so , hypno-analysis is incredibly effective.


There are multiple styles of hypnotherapy, I use them all depending on you and your needs.

We will work together to use hypnosis to have you go into your past and find the root cause of your issue. Once found I will engage specific techniques to resolve the block/issue so that you can move forward with freedom and confidence.

Hypno-analysis is a regression technique and differs considerably from standard psychoanalysis. We don’t guess about why you have the problem that you have and we don’t talk about probabilities or likelihoods, instead we use hypnosis to take you back to the specific reason that your mind is holding onto.

Clients are often amazed when the issue that their mind finds and presents is quite different from what they had believed to have been the cause. Hypno-analysis provides a safe, effective and rapid resolve.

A course of 3x sessions is recommended for the hypno-analysis program. This is sufficient for most issues, however there are times when further investigation is needed.

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